I Didn’t Mean to Interrupt the Monk

I didn’t mean to interrupt the monk from his studies, I just asked if he wouldn’t mind taking this photo. He smiled and stopped reading Dalai Lama’s ‘The Art of Happiness’, tucking a banana leaf inside to bookmark his page. Probably a book worth reading once in a lifetime. Dressed in bright orange robes, heContinue reading “I Didn’t Mean to Interrupt the Monk”

The World’s Biggest Water Fight

You can’t fight back against a child, that’s a rule, isn’t it? I reminded myself as a giggling 7 year old drenched me with a flying bucket of water. Thailand does New Year a little differently. In ancient Siam culture, people would visit their local monastery and pour scented water over monks in a holyContinue reading “The World’s Biggest Water Fight”

A Teardrop on the Cheek of Eternity

Hustlers, homeless bodies, stray dogs, rattling rickshaws and everyone has something to sell me. Agra train station is an ordeal. I battled through the chaos towards symmetry: the Taj Mahal. There it stood, a teardrop on the cheek of eternity. Perfect order surrounded by an imperfect world. The problem with the Taj is it’s overphotographed,Continue reading “A Teardrop on the Cheek of Eternity”

Twenty Five Pounds I’ll Never Get Back

“£25 please.” Whoever said ‘travel is the only thing we buy that makes us richer’ clearly never rode the London Eye. I hate feeling like a tourist in my own country but I was trying my best to enjoy the ride. London’s landmarks disappeared beneath our glass chariot: Big Ben, The Shard and Canary WharfContinue reading “Twenty Five Pounds I’ll Never Get Back”

Why Gay Pride Rocks

Are you gay?” Asked the man with too many tattoos. “No.” “Why you wearing that rainbow flag then?” “Because it’s Gay Pride.” “Why are you going?” We arrived at Charing Cross tube station before I could answer. Pride is a delight. Love, rainbows and unconditional acceptance fill the air. Everyone’s invited no matter how weirdContinue reading “Why Gay Pride Rocks”

Shooting For The Moon

The Darien Gap is the most dangerous place on the planet. The border between Colombia and Panama is a thousand square mile area of impassable jungle and swampland, ruled by narcotraffickers, gangsters, wild animals and infectious diseases. There is more chance of getting kidnapped or killed than traversing it safely. So, a new industry hasContinue reading “Shooting For The Moon”

Hippies, Elephants and Luck

I had just two aims for my final evening: buy toothpaste and an Indian souvenir. This is the joy of solo travel: you are your own boss so anything can happen. You could find enlightenment, stumble upon love or you could find Hans waiting in line at the chemist. Hans was a middle-aged, ponytailed hippie,Continue reading “Hippies, Elephants and Luck”

Five Airlines to Fly With and Five to Avoid

Emirates The king of the skies; Emirates are my favourite airline in the world. The staff always go the extra mile (sorry) and their onboard food regularly wins international awards. Their frequent flier programme offers you the chance to trade miles for experiences such as Real Madrid tickets, Miami Open tennis, food festivals or Apple,Continue reading “Five Airlines to Fly With and Five to Avoid”

The Top Ten Places to Visit in 2017

Toronto, Canada 2016 was a tough year for everyone but 2017 marks the Great White North’s 150th birthday and they’re inviting the world to celebrate with them. Canadians, along with the Dutch, are amongst the friendliest travellers I’ve met on my journeys. This generosity is being extended nationwide with the Discovery Pass that grants allContinue reading “The Top Ten Places to Visit in 2017”